Public Consultation – Northern Access Road

St. Athan Northern Access Road Public Exhibition

Please visit the public exhibition where plans and information will be on display.

The exhibition will be held at: The Gathering Place, Flemingston Road, St. Athan, CF62 4JH

Thursday 17 November 2016 to Tuesday 22 November 2016

Officials of the Welsh Government and their consultants will be present to answer your queries on Thursday 17 November and Tuesday 22 November 09.00 – 20.00.

To make a comment on this proposal the Exhibition team have supplied the following link St Athan NAR Exhibition Questionaire

2 thoughts on “Public Consultation – Northern Access Road

  1. i object to the northern access road as it will be a waste of [ our money] as there is a road there on the eglwys brewis road that can be widend at less cost and less building on green fields the road was used by the r a f for years and there was thousands of people using that road with no problems and there will be less water in boverton witch floods now and olso i am thinking of how i am to get mobile homes into my place and out Roger Thomas millands park llanmaes


  2. People around the world are begining to protecting the inviroment, why put Wales in the category of I do not care about the inviroment or the waste of money, When all objectives can be made from a improved Eglwys Brewis rd,


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