St Athan Speeding Road Safety Questionnaire – Extended close date

St Athan Speeding & Road Safety Questionnaire – Having been approached by an increasing number of residents’ regarding concerns and complaints on the speed of traffic through St Athan Village, in particular in the area of the zebra crossing, Gileston Crossing and more recently the question on a ‘safe route to school’ using the Eglwys Brewis Rd, also following on from a recent ‘Creative Rural Communities’ community survey, in which this was a top topic.

The St Athan Community Council are working with the Vale of Glamorgan Highways Department to review the current situation and to look for any solutions, should they be proven to be necessary.

To aid this exercise we very much would like to obtain more opinions from our community. To help with our survey we have compiled an questionnaire which is available on-line if you follow the following link.  Take part in Survey  Closing date for responses is 1st March 2017 – we have extended this until Saturday 4th March 2017.

We have already had a great response, with very constructive comments, so thank you to all those that have taken part so far, please spread the word.

Paper versions of this survey are now available from St Athan Library, Londis, and The Gathering Place..

Many thanks to all of those that have taken part so far – we have decided to extend the closing date until Saturday 4th March for last minute submissions.

4 thoughts on “St Athan Speeding Road Safety Questionnaire – Extended close date

  1. I cannot see the council doing anything until an accident occurs or someone is badly injured, then of course it`s to late.


  2. I drive through here all the time because of my job and on a number of times I have been taken over by some careless mindless person who has not got a second thought for the safety of others I think you really need to think about speed cameras around these areas as therequested are alot of younger family’s walking to and from school. it would be sad to think that some poor person or a child would have to get hurt or worse killed before any action was talk. come on the vale council make our roads safer.


  3. St Athan Village. Consider a 20 MPH zone between Rectory Drive and Glyndwr Avenue as this area has a zebra crossing, school crossing, parked traffic, including delivery trucks and bus stops. The double bends and parked vehicles create blind spots for drivers and unfortunately because it is currently a 30 MPH some drivers think they should still travel at 30. With the addition of over 400 houses to the village in the near future traffic is only going to get worse, so if traffic calming measures can be out in place prior to building completion people will be aware of speed limits before they move in.


  4. I would like to see a speed reduction to 20mph from shops to monument as it is far to fast at present quite a few misses we don’t want a death,and then do something.


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