BIG THANK YOU! to those who keep ‘our’ St Athan Clean!

St Athan Community Council 

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the amount and types of waste being deliberately discarded in St Athan Ward.

Can anyone answer this rhetorical question?

Why do some people think it is OK to leave their waste in our streets, park and hedgerows? Things like:
Smashed glass, bottles, lightbulbs, windowpane.
Used condoms, left outside the post office and footpath.
Dog poo, both in bags and left on streets.
Face masks left hanging in bushes or disposed of along pathways, helping to spread the Coronavirus.
Knives both plastic and metal
Vehicle parts, including plastic engine covers, hub caps.
Used nappies, wet wipes and tissues.
Mattresses and bedding
And general litter

Clearly, the people committing the above, suffer from an inability to think before acting and have no regard for others, our environment, or the wellbeing of residents, including people they know.

Should any of the above apply to you, please note: 

  • It’s an offence to drop litter on land or into water that’s accessible to the public even if it’s private land. This applies to private land that the public can access, for example a right of way. 
  • Offenders can be prosecuted in a magistrates’ court and fined up to £2,500. 

Some good news. Thankfully, most residents do take pride in keeping our streets clean and safe. There has been an increase in the number of volunteers do a little ‘Litter picking’ in the area and to them a BIG THANK YOU.

Also, the Community Council are carrying out an audit of the area, noting anything in need of repair, like; street lighting, potholes, overgrown trees & vegetation. If you spot anything requiring your council’s attention, please contact the Council Clerk:

St Athan Community Council
Old School Community Centre
Church Lane
St Athan
CF62 4PL

Tel: 01446 750452  | Email: | Online:

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