Community Council – Vacancies



Notice is Hereby Given:

That vacancies have occurred for a Councillor in the Ward of Gileston and St Athan which will be filled through the process of co-option.  Co-opted Councillors have the same rights and responsibilities as those Councillors who obtain office through election.  Councillors are expected to attend the monthly meetings of the Council and serve on Committee(s).  The role is varied and enables local people to use their skills and experience to enhance the work undertaken by the Council for the benefit of the community.

The Council wishes to invite interested people to submit their application for the role of Councillor by way of letter outlining the following;

  • The contribution you believe you could make to the work of the Council;
  • The personal qualities that you would bring to the role;
  • Your availability for attending meetings.

Please make sure that you include your home address, telephone/mobile number and e-mail address in your letter.

All members of the community are welcome to apply.  The Council is committed to achieving a balanced composition of Councillors that reflect the community of St Athan.

Closing Date: 12noon on Monday 30 May 2022.

Application will be considered at the Council meeting on Tuesday 7th June 2022.

(It is not a requirement to be resident within the subject ward)

Point of Contact:

Mr D Patterson, Clerk to the Council.
St Athan Community Council, Church Lane, St Athan CF62 4PL
Telephone: 01446 750 452 |  Email:

Date of posting 07th May 2022

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